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Im in the process of getting a diagnosis. It has been almost 2 years of horrible sleep but no doctor believes sleep apnea could be the issue because i am skinny, young, active and female. However, i was reading and i read a recessed jaw can cause OSA which i do have. I also had braces for 3 years if that matters and still have this metal thing behind my teeth to keep them in place.

I have been diagnosed with dysautonomia/POTS and fibromyalgia.

Other than that i have the following symptoms: – Constant headaches and neck pain – Always tired as hell – Always sore and achy – Notice that i stop breathing when i finally fall asleep and get a huge adrenaline rush waking me – Night sweats and move a lot in sleep – Irritability especially in morning – Panic attacks at night – During days off i tend to sleep all day, not even joking i probably sleep 18/24 hours when i don’t have to work and barely go out anymore because i’m so tired – Acid reflux on and off – Brain fog and feeling ‘out of it’ almost 24/7

Everyone in my family including my parents and siblings have the same kind of jaw as me and my parents both snore very loud and my siblings all snore quietly too but we are all very skinny other than my parents. We are also all very tired most of the time and tend to sleep a lot when we get the chance.

I’m wondering for the people who have OSA caused by jaw issues, how did you figure it out?

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