• Will sleep 12+ hours every night if permitted, exhaustion throughout day, “brain fog”
  • AHI around like 1, RDI of 11 (probably UARS from what I’ve read)
  • Doctor views CPAP as more of a “last resort” and wants to try other stuff first (I suppose fair enough?)
  • Not sure if related but I sometimes have a bit of shortness of breath during the day, usually when very tired. Caused a bit of a covid scare for my pod back in Nov.

I have something in 3 weeks scheduled through my health care called a “sleep class”. I’m a bit worried it won’t be super productive and that this whole process may be very slow—in the meantime I’m trying to figure out if anything else can help.

Already tried:

  • Sleeping on side (I wake up a ton in the night when I constrain myself to my side, no noticeable difference in exhaustion level)
  • Cutting out caffeine and alcohol (Never had more than 1-2 drinks per night anyway)
  • Increased daily exercise

Tried to sleep upright last night but I just could not get to sleep. Should I push through again tonight? Or is there anything else I should try in the meantime?

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