My wife has begged me for years to get a sleep study and I finally gave in. Surprise surprise. I have severe complex sleep apnea! My AHI was 74 and treated with CPAP, I started having increased Central apneas. I now have a bipap avaps. I feel so much more energy. I’ve been using it for 9 nights now, and I only have one complaint. I have some chest tightness, and I think it’s due to CPAP. It’s like throughout the day my brain craves the air I get from CPAP and I can’t take a deep enough breath. That and my chest is a little sore like I’ve done a chest workout. It’s worse on days when I sleep longer. I also feel pretty bloated. Is this common with higher pressure? When will I adjust to it? My anxiety is not helping and I’m gonna end up having a panic attack over this whole covid mess.

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