I’m very torn about getting a test, because it’s gonna cost cash that I frankly don’t have, and will go in debt over. But, personally I can’t put a price on health. It’s something I value a lot.

First off, I don’t wake up not breathing often (or that I remember). I have a couple times the past week or so, and a couple times a year ago that I recall. I’ve never been a snorer, but last night I woke up making a weird sound, like a cat growling while I was laying on my back. This woke me up.

I have a problem with my jaw I just found out wasn’t normal this year and has been going on my whole life (I’m 21). When I open it all the way, it pops and literally slides to the right like half a inch.

I don’t fall asleep during the day, but I feel very sleep deprived if that makes sense. That feeling when you’ve been up for 24+ hours, that kinda dream like feeling and that everything is happening at the same time, I have that everyday. Exhausted is I guess the correct word.

I recorded myself sleeping about 2 years ago, and I’m the video (3 hours long) I had constant jaw movement. It looked like I was grinding my teeth or chewing on something.

I took a sleep test 2 years ago when my symptoms first started. It was as basic as you could get, it was a private one and I only got roughly 3 hours of side sleeping on it. I have sense lost the report, but I do remember my 02 dipped to 91%, and I had some events, just not enough to qualify for a sleep disorder.

I’m thinking about getting the type 2 test from AXG as I can’t find a doctor who will listen to me. It’s gonna cost, and I’m just looking for advice. If you had these symptoms, would you pay for a good sleep study? (The type 2 I’m pretty sure can catch other disorders besides apnea.

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