So in December I had my first symptoms of possible sleep apnea. I woke up with blurry vision, a headache and a high heart rate, it happened one more time after that and then I went to see my doctor. In the mean time I started to lose weight as a possible cause of the symptoms.

It’s been ~6 months since seeing my doctor, she took blood work and we did an EKG and found nothing wrong, she was willing to try to do a sleep study but recommend I continue to lose weight as that’s the most probable cause. I’ve had a few more incidents since then, maybe once or twice a month, some months with no symptoms and I switched sides of the bed since my original side seemed to have a much bigger sag than the other so I thought that could have been the issue.

Last night I had another incident but I was laying on my back on the good side of the bed so no way it could be the sag. It seems that I wake up with a wheeze, blurry vision if I open my eyes and high heart rate, the headache was only ever the first time. Should I schedule another visit with my doctor to try more tests, or wait until I lose more weight? I went from 300 down to 247 so its possible its just not enough weight lose yet.

I use my Fitbit versa 2 to track my sleep and it shows my spO2 was at 96% and I never went into the high oxygen variation levels ( I used to typically have a few small spikes).

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