Hi all – I have been noticing a worsening trend in my AHI, along with a change in my sleep patterns. I’ve typically been under 2.5 AHI since I Started with my CPAP in September, 37AHI at diagnosis.

My husband usually gets up around 5:30, which wakes me up, and then I go back to sleep. I’m not the best with OSCAR but I took a look this morning and it appears that my AHIs in the 2 or so hours that I sleep after that wake up are bad – like 21 and up. I know I’m not getting great sleep then due to ambient noise- dogs, kids moving around, etc. So I’m wondering – am I waking up because of the noise or am I having apneas and waking up then hearing the noises? Would it be healthier for me to just get up at 5:30 (my normal wake up for work time in non-quarantine circumstances) or to try to get more sleep that is ultimately broken like this?

thanks for your advice.

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