Hi guys,

I just went for a sleep study today. Unfortunately, I had trouble falling asleep (didn’t sleep till after midnight) and when I did fall asleep, I did not REM. As you know sleep apnea occurs most often during REM. Would this be a case for a false negative?

In addition, I spent more than $600 today. 480 on the sleep test and about 150 on the doctors office. Even if I was to get positive for CPAP it would be double that for titration and then even more for the machine… While I see I can just can just get a resmed autoset for 599 and be done with it.

What do you think of this idea? Getting an autosense for way less retail + not having to do all this other stuff with doctors visits. And an APAP is a “set it and forget it” so that I won’t have to mess with custom pressures, etc.

I’ve always had 9-10 hours of sleep my entire life and yet have trouble waking up… I feel lethargic and slow during the day. Easily forget things like my keys etc. I just want to try it to see if this would improve my life. I cannot keep affording “sleep tests” and I want this taken care of.

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