Hey guys. So I’m pretty sure I’m using the wrong face mask and with everything going on in the world rn trying to talk to a doctor is proving to be pretty impossible. I’m sure it’s just the wrong size but, hear me out blet me see if anyone has some advice.

So I got diagnosed with Sleep Apnea a few years back. Wore the mask but always woke up with it off not remembering taking it off it was a full face mask from ResMed. Anyway I lost a bunch of weight didn’t snore much and stopped wearing it. So long story short I got hurt, put some weight back on and I need to wear the mask again. Only problem, I couldn’t find my mask because I’m sure I threw it away by mistake while we were packing things up in the house getting ready to move. So I orderd what I thought was right which was a ResMed full face mask. Medium sized. So now when I use it I have to keep strap it on pretty tight ( giggity ) to get air to flow and when it does I usually wake up a half hour late with air in my belly. Like it’s in my stomach and I have major stomach pains followed by some burps. At this point I’m just frustrated so I’m looking for some advice from people who may have been there. Ty for any help.

Type of mask: ResMed AirTouch F20 medium.

Type of Machine: Phillis Resprironics Dream station BiPAP

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