Just wanted to say thank you for all the encouragement and positive reinforcement. I love all of you for it. With some phone calls to hospital administration and the hospitalist(sp?) group over my inpatient and discharge care I got my initial discharge follow up appointment moved from Thursday to today and after a very heated conversation which involved the hospitalist group admitting that they messed up my sleep study referral and the prior authorizations on my meds I got to go in and have my follow ups with both my PCP and the pulmonary APN today. The apn was wonderful and she alievated a lot of my worries. She told me she’s treated a lot worse off than I was and if I followed the regime she had planned I would be on the right path to getting my apnea under control. She also had my sleep study properly scheduled and it’s on for Monday. She showed me all the relevant documentation that would get my provider to cover the costs of my machine and she promised to put in a note for a nonshitty machine to the sleep study team.

I do the sleep study as scheduled next Monday if there isn’t any cancellations and ought to have my gear by the end of next week. (Fingers crossed.) Just in the waiting room talking to other OSA sufferers helped and everyone says that once you get your machine and set up right things will get a whole hell of a lot better.. 5 more days ain’t so bad.

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