I had MMA surgery and while my numbers improved greatly I still struggle with sleep apnea. I’m going to fix my deviated septum and try cpap again.

But I’m not posting on that right now. I’m asking about zinc and how it affects sleep and more specifically if there’s any info on how it affects people with sleep apnea.

A couple of things. I never dream any more. Or never recall them anyway since ive had sleep apnea. Sleep is just a black hole. I also for years stopped waking up with morning wood and not to mention a plummeted sex drive.

Anyway, on to zinc. I tried zma like a decade ago before I even knew I had sleep apnea, but was struggling with sleep issues and decided to try it. It gave me vivid distruptive dreams that woke me up from sleep several times and decided to cease using it.

Last week I had a big steak late at night before bed and had vivid dreams and woke up three times with a nocturnal erection each time.

Neither of these things have happened in years. I looked up what’s in a steak and saw steak is high in zinc.

A man needs about 11mg of zinc daily and looking at what foods contain zinc, I’m probably getting little to none.

I bought a zinc supplement which each pill is 15 my but splitting it in half. I’m taking it early in the day in hopes that it wouldn’t wake me up, but yet it still is.

I know this is no treatment for sleep apnea but my thought is dreaming and getting nocturnal erections has to be a good thing.

I’ve read about people waking up from zinc but that’s usually a 25 or 50 mg dose. I could split it quarters but then I’d only be getting 3.75 mg. Again I’m very confident I’m not getting my daily requirement from zinc.

So after all this my question is, is there anything I can do about the sleep disruptions? I don’t get these without taking zinc, I usually sleep through but wake up feeling exhausted.

I’ve tried magnesium with the zinc and split their times with no difference.

I don’t if the zinc is somehow making my body more aware of my apneas and waking me up instead of sleeping through them.

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